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After a 20-plus year career in organisational transformation and change leadership coaching... and a lifetime of seeking the truth and real meaning to life...I had a realisation that made a lot of 'stuff' fall into place.


"The roles we play in life are not who we are. We stay in some too long and in others...not long enough. We play some well, others not well at all. The one thing we seldom do, though, is step completely out of role and simply watch the story play out around us with no compulsion of a part to play. Ironically, that is when we are at our  most powerful."

I am not a personality profiler or a 'XYZ Method' practitioner. I have developed a simple and very effective approach to coaching that focusses on who YOU really are and HOW you want your life to be, in THIS MOMENT and each one from now on.

I hold a post graduate qualification in Executive and Leadership Coaching, I have trained in Motivational Interviewing for Behavioural Change and the principles of Gestalt and I am a qualified Hatha Vinyasa Yoga teacher.

I am a registered coach with the EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Council).


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