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Learning + Work + Support = Result

A lot is made of leadership and what it takes to be a great leader. There are incredible, almost mystical, leadership development programmes that aim to transform people into the leaders they always wanted to be, etc. There are reams written about what a great leader is, how they should behave and, of course, the great secrets of being a great leader...from ‘great leaders’.

This is not one of those programmes and there is no silver bullet formula to a great life and great leadership.

This development programme, in 3 modules, is a simple and real world, real people focussed leadership development approach that focusses on the real core of what it takes to be a great leader...being a great, effective person every day.

If you want to learn how to respond appropriately to ANY situation, this programme is for you.

This programme is for you if you want to constantly work toward unlocking the greatness in you

It is for you if you want a real, hands-on learning experience of simple, yet powerful tools and techniques to help you in your everyday interactions...and to better know yourself

The programme is for you if you are ( or soon will be) in a leadership role that might challenge you to stretch beyond what you already know and believe you are capable of

This programme is for you if you are willing to do the work it takes to be great and effective as a person and a truly great leader.


It starts with your commitment to become GREAT!...then following through with it.

The first module is open to anyone and focusses on personal effectiveness...enabling you to become the best you, each day.

The second module is for leaders or those who are soon to be leaders...you must complete the fist module to attend the second. How to be a great leader, as you!

The third module is optional, but open to those who complete either the first or both the first and second modules...individual coaching sessions to help you integrate your knew skills and awareness into your life.


Personal effectiveness and engagement tools
Increased awareness | Clarity | Effective communication | Unwavering confidence | Sustained happiness

2 days of intensive work; learning and applying high impact awareness, communication, goal-setting  and planning techniques.

This is about building awareness,  learning and adopting good life practices and starting to master you in your life.

It can be done as a standalone module.