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7 Pillars of Self-mastery and Ultimate Wellbeing

We are capable of so much more than we believe or have been taught.

We have lost knowledge that can put us in control of our health, mindset, energy and our lives.


Over the past 15 years I have developed a simple model for wellbeing and self mastery.


Breathe Well

Through our breath we can influence our autonomic nervous systems. It is the gateway to mastering our minds and bodies


Rest Well

No action can be your best action unless it comes from a place of good mental, physical and emotional rest


Move Well

You experience the entire existence with and within your body...how you hold it, move it and maintain it matters


Think and Feel Well

By bringing awareness to your thoughts and feelings you can begin master your mind


Eat Well

You become what you eat and your food influences your energy, your emotions and your health... do you know what works for you?


Plan and Act Well

Our goals need actions that work toward them...how do we figure these out and make them happen?


Awareness, Connection and Self Knowledge 

This lies at the heart of Self Mastery and Wellbeing

With Self, with Others, With Nature


The events and working sessions are generally full day sessions with a highly interactive, active and inclusive format; close to nature.

Structured to optimise learning and experience

Blends mindfulness, physical activity and learning

Expertly facilitated

Come and remember what you already know and what modern science is proving time and again...

You are the master of your wellbeing!

You will learn how to develop levels of self knowledge, awareness and connection that will fundamentally improve all aspects of your life.

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